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Say Hello to Roger

Thursday, May 18, 2023 11:56 PM


He was supposed to make his debut at the Squirreled Away Books 2023 May the 4th Be With You celebration... but, he wasn't quite ready.

But now he is and we are pleased to have him!

Straight from a his recent deployment we are pleased to introduce Roger!

Formerly a B1 Battle Droid affiliated with the Confederacy of Independant System's Droid Army Roger was liberated, reprogrammed and repurposed by the squirrel droid masters of Squirreled Away Books.

Standing nearly 7 feet tall, Roger can be a rather intimidating site  when he's shelving books, vacuuming and dusting.  

But our Jedi Squirrels would like to assure everyone Roger is quite harmless and fully fitted with a slightly modified restraining bolt that makes him gentle as a kitten with our customers and guests but, not so friendly with shoplifters.

So, drop on by and say hello to our newest employee and shop our fine selection of related books, games and speciality items from long ago

in a galaxy far far away.