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Games and Dice
are twice as nice

We are expanding our games section by a lot.  We just got in a ton (although we didn't weigh it) of games and dice. 

Do you like Munchkin games?  We have 'em. From A to Z (Adventure Time Munchin to Munchkin Zombies).  (Where did all these parenthetical thoughts come from? I don't know.)  We have the expansions.  We have the coloring book. 

We also just got in "Ghosts Love Candy," "Ogre," "Pengoloo," "Crazy Cheese," and "Battle Sheep."  Battle sheep?  Don't you mean Battleship?  NO, I DON'T!  I said sheep and I meant sheep.  It's adorable AND fun to play.

And before I forget, we have just replenished our dice supplies.  In addition to our regular selection of Emergency Dice and 7-die Sets, we just got in new flavors of dice, Dice Bags and Battle Mats.

Chessex just put our some glittery dice and Ghostly Glow dice. Ghostly Glow effect is not an overpowering one. While it’s probably diffic
ult to read the numbers on the dice faces when in the dark, what makes it unique is the marbling effect of the glowing material. This effect has never been done before, and not always being able to read the numbers in the dark is secondary to the coolness
of the marbled glow.

The glittery dice are just fabulously glittery.  Soooo shiny.

The Battle Maps are reversible:  squares on one side and hexes on the other.

Stay tuned for more fun games.  We keep piling them in.