Squirreled Away Books
Squirreled Away Books


Open Tues. - Sat.: 10AM - 7PM EST

Closed Sundays and Mondays

22985 West Main Street

Armada, Mi 48005

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The best little bookstore in Macomb County, but then we are so very biased.

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We now carry a nice selection of stationery, note cards, and fountain pens.
In this day of email, texting, and communicating through emojis, it's lovely to get a real, physical object in the mail showing that someone actually cares enough to write their thoughts down.
Seriously.  Who wants a bundle of SIM cards tied with a red ribbon to put in their memento boxes?  Where is the romance? 
Well, I'll tell you!  
The romance is right here!
We will even give you tips on writing everything from thank you cards to love poems.  (Not for nothing, your aunt is more likely to keep ponying up those birthday checks if you send her back a nice card acknowledging her thoughtfulness.  Don't be an ungrateful guttersnipe.)
When we first opened the store, the other businesses in town said, "Welp.  You might as well close during the Armada Fair because you will be dead."  Why, that's stinkin' thinkin'!  We decided to drag all our stuff out onto the sidewalk and sell some books al fresco.  
So, every year we've been bigger and better, with more bargains that you can shake your squirrel tail at. The other businesses said, "Hey, those squirrels are on to something," and we all took the party outside.   Unfortunately, last year, the village took issue with our exuberance. Now the village wants us to give them a plan and special insurance, and get approval for using the sidewalk.  
But squirrels don't care for planning or approval, and especially not carrying extra insurance.  (You have to sell a lot of stuff for a     quarter to make up for those extra bills.)  We tried fighting, but squirrels are lovers, and hard to take seriously.  
BUT we ARE tenacious.  So we're having a Not-On-The-Sidewalk-Sale.  We will move our tents to the parking lot, which is private property.  So it's all cool with our insurance, and our lawyers, and we don't need no stinkin' plan.

Vacation for Squirrels

We will be closed from September 1 through September 9 for some much needed R&R.
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