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The best little bookstore in Macomb County, but then we are so very biased.

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We now carry a nice selection of stationery, note cards, and fountain pens.
In this day of email, texting, and communicating through emojis, it's lovely to get a real, physical object in the mail showing that someone actually cares enough to write their thoughts down.
Seriously.  Who wants a bundle of SIM cards tied with a red ribbon to put in their memento boxes?  Where is the romance? Well, I'll tell you!  The romance is right here!
We will even give you tips on writing everything from thank you cards to love poems.  (Not for nothing, your aunt is more likely to keep ponying up those birthday checks if you send her back a nice card acknowledging her thoughtfulness.  Don't be an ungrateful guttersnipe.)
Valentine's Day can be a minefield for the unwary soul.  Roses are nice, but trite.  And they wilt, which is a little depressing.  Chocolates are lovely, but do you want to risk sabotaging a diet -- or worse, get a lecture about how candy isn't keto or paleo.  Lingerie is fun, but you might overstep expectations.
But give your Valentine the written word!  Love poems!  The Kama Sutra!  1001 Dirty Jokes!  You can't go wrong.  Appeal to your Valentine's brain, and the nookie will follow!
January is the time for a whole new you 
If you're like us, you ate roughly twice your weight in cookies over the holidays.  As you switch over from your 2018 to 2019 calendar, you can take the opportunity to make a whole new you.  You can lose weight.  You can be more organized.  You can balance your checkbook.  You can be nicer to people who irritated you last year.
As for us, we are so into Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  It turns out that my leopard print leggings no longer spark joy.  I have every faith that someone at a thrift shop is going to look at them and think, "Sweet Alabama Catfish!  This is what I need in my life," and thus the joy will once more be sparked.  It's the circle of life.
Be Mine, SquirrelAntine!

It's not just cold but DARN COLD.  I have not seen anyone today, and my spouse just called saying I should come home, make mini-pizzas, get under the blankies, and watch movies with the kitties.  That is better than siting in a cold, lonely store.

I can't find fault with the logic.  I'll come back tomorrow. 

Closing early on WedNESDAY, Jan 30