Squirreled Away Books
Squirreled Away Books
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storefront closed due to statewide lockdown but still available!

22985 West Main Street

Armada, MI 48005

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The best little bookstore in Macomb County, but then we are so very biased.

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Bookselling in the Time of great weirdness:
we're Open for online and local deliveries

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Call 586-784-8873!

Email: info@squirreledawaybooks.com

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Our storefront is currently closed to the public, but we are still able to help you get the books you need.  We are still able to ship all over the world, or we can dispatch our super-hygienic ninja squirrels to deliver locally.

Place your order by calling us at  586-784-8873 or email us at info@squirreledawaybooks or contact us via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/squirreledawaybooks/.  Credit card transactions will be handled over the phone. Cash or check you can just put in an envelope under a rock on your porch. 

Say the word, and  BAM! your reading material will be whisked to you by our fleet of happy squirrels.

We're using this time to inventory our immense backlog of awesome books, so when this all blows over we will have incredible treats on the shelves. We have found so many neat treats in our piles of boxes.  I hope you guys like books about explorers because, we've got 'em.